-Stove servicing is available from January to the end of august-

The annual servicing of your solid fuel appliance is essential to help keep it in tip top condition. Although there are things you can do to help look after it on a day-to-day basis, we recommend that you get it inspected annually to ensure that it is working correctly and kept in a good, safe condition.

Services offered:

Full professional Stove servicing
- Replacement door rope seals
- Repacement glass seal (if required)
- Intense glass clean
- Replacement fire cement of connecting flue joints
- Full interior and exterior clean down of appliance
- Back to black conditioning of stove exterior (if stove is not black please let us know upon booking)
- Lubricating as required of moving parts

Plus ordering and fitting of any replacement parts required.

All items detailed above are available as single services. Quotations available on request. Further details available on Pricelist

Replacement parts
As professionals we are able to identify warn and damaged stove parts, order replacements, supply and fit. Parts for all major manafacturers are available on request. We are able to offer bespoke quotes for your individual requirements.